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Green Screen

With the advancement of Green Screen Technology, Bantam has moved to this option.

In the Studio, Customers can now choose all types of background/images to suit their project, without ever having to be worried about the weather, or have to pay costly location expenses.

Green Screen (or Photo Keying) opens up a whole new dynamic


It's Not all Greenscreen

Traditional Backdrops, Paper, Printed or Fabric, can be used.
Pack shots both
design and photography

The Studio is based in Tealby, near Market Rasen and not so far from Grimsby, Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough, Louth, Brigg, Caistor and Cleethorpes

The balance between Studio and Location Photography is healthy, but with Green Screen any location can be choosen at any time of the year. 

This applies to both Stills and Video work.

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