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Depending on the Studio's own workload, this magnificent Studio can be used for Studio Hire.

The Studio is totally green screen (see note below) with backdrop and flooring.

The background dimension is 13' (W) x 8' (H) x 10' (L)

Studio dimension is 13' (W) x 8' (H) x 20' (L)

Lighting is both LED & Fluorescent (Video & Film)

Standard Paper, Printed  & Fabric Backdrops can also be used

Photo lighting is Bowens QuadX  (4 heads ceiling hi-glide track) with Gemini Pro750 and GM450 heads in addition

WalimexPro Wind Tunnel & Smoke Machine available along with diffusers and reflectors

Although the Studio is totally green screen, it can easily be transformed back to a more traditional Studio with other paper, printed or fabric backdrops. (samples can be provided). Studio Hire can include Lighting at extra cost.

Lighting is LED and Fluorescent 

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